Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Swiss 101

If I learned anything from cultural training, it's that my sense of humor may not translate well in French.  Crap.

Mr. "I am European and therefore allergic to Fun" informed us that the Swiss are a fairly serious group of people who dislike noise and even have numerous violations for those who like to make it.  As the back-to-back  loser of Church Mouse (kindergarten/first grade/high school edition), I fear I will soon be on the Swiss' silent radar.  Crap deux.

So there you have it---a walking personality clash born without a library voice.And just when I thought I'd stomached all my broken heart could handle, our trainer went and insulted fried food. "You Americans fry everyzing.  You even fry zee chicken. Why would you fry zee chicken?"  Um, hold the phone Jacque. On behalf of myself and the good Colonel Sanders, why zee hell wouldn't you?!?

So now the three  essential components of my existence (noise, comedy, and KFC) are on the not-to-do list.  If they hate smiling babies, I'm screwed.


  1. Wait. There's no fried chicken?!?!? That's horrible! I hope you find a good substitute soon! Just eat more chocolate!

  2. You always make me smile!! Best of luck in your new home! I'm sure you will teach them a thing or two!! :) Kathy Roe

  3. Stef, do you think a KFC care package would arrive in an edible fashion? I love cold fried chicken, but not sure how well KFC travels. I could send you some if it improves your existence.

    Sending you love from the Bluegrass State.
    Your cousin,